Why Millennials Need a Smart Home

It is evident that the Internet of Things is making a notable impact on the items that millennials use every day, turning common household objects into customizable smart products to alleviate the stress of busy work and travel schedules. With this in mind, SAGE by Hughes, enables millennials to customize and secure their homes at the touch of a screen.

Here are a few reasons why SAGE is a great solution for Gen Y:

  • Save $$ – With electricity rates increasing and trends shifting toward green energy, consumers are becoming more conscious about the amount of energy they use. Accidentally leave the lights on before leaving for work? No problem—pull up the SAGE app to switch them off with a few taps of a touchscreen.
  • DIY and Customization – For Generation (DI)Y, SAGE is the perfect personalized solution that allows users to choose the products that work best for their home. What’s more, it can be easily self-installed, eliminating the cost of installation. SAGE also allows consumers to create custom rules to fit around their lifestyles (e.g., you can set a front door security rule so when someone rings the doorbell, the porch light turns on).
  • Worry-Free Vacations – Ideal for the Millennials who love to travel, SAGE provides access to local police even when they’re not local. It also has several applications that make monitoring the home from afar easy, including indoor and outdoor cameras, doorbell sensors, lights, appliance modules, door locks, thermostats and motion sensors, all of which can be controlled from a mobile device.
  • Keep an Eye on Furry Family Members – Because pets are part of the family, SAGE’s indoor camera allows users to see exactly what their pet is doing when at work or running errands, and allows consumers to make sure the dog walker is making visits. And when millennials are ready to expand their family even more, SAGE serves as the perfect baby monitor or nanny cam.

For millennials who are ready to take advantage of everything a smart home has to offer, visit SAGE to find the kit that’s right for you.

The Stats Don’t Lie: Protect Your Home from Break-Ins This Summer

Did you know that a residential break-in occurs every 15 seconds in the United States? That means by the time you finish reading this post, at least four homes may have been burglarized. The good news is there are measures that can be taken to reduce this risk. According to the Alarm Industry Research & Educational Foundation, having an alarm system in place can greatly reduce your risk of a burglary by 74 percent.

Summer vacation season has officially kicked off, which means now more than ever it’s important to know how to protect your home. SAGE by Hughes is a smart home and security system that has several features designed to help keep your home safe, whether you’re home or enjoying a relaxing getaway. To make your next vacation worry-free and help protect your home from intruders, follow these simple tips:

  • Give others the impression that someone is home. Use a smart home system with automated appliance switches, such as SAGE, to routinely turn lights on (and off) around the house while you’re traveling. This will give outsiders the impression that someone is home and will help to deter any potential break-ins. SAGE also allows you to control your door locks and monitor your sensors and cameras when you are away from home, so you’ll be able to keep an eye on your home when you are away.
  • Refrain from sharing on social media. While wanting to post an Instagram, tweet or Facebook photo showcasing vacation adventures is natural, sharing anything that indicates you’re out of town can make you more vulnerable to robbers. It’s safest to save vacation photos and details for posting when you return.
  • Secure access to local authorities. Dialing 9-1-1 during an emergency routes callers to a responder within the immediate area where the call is coming from. Whether in a different city, state or country, SAGE allows users the ability to call their local emergency responders with the SAGE MyLocal911 feature; this is unique because no other self-monitored home security system enables users to call local authorities tied to their home address with a tap of a button from far away!

According to the Electronic Security Association, a break-in causes an average loss of $5,343 in homes without a security system. Clearly a smart home security system is the smart choice, as it can have the potential to greatly reduce property losses.

To get smart on home security and break-ins check out the infographic below, which sheds light on the issues that affect millions of Americans each year. If you’re ready to take the easy step to making your home smart and secure, visit www.SAGEbyHughes.com to find the kit that’s right for you.

SAGE Security Infographic_layout-01


School’s Out, Home Security’s In

Summer’s here! With fun in the sun, family beach vacations, camping and road trips on the horizon, it’s time to unpack those shorts and flip-flops and stock up on sunscreen and home security products.

Yes, home security! Just like the necessity of checking your oil and tires before going on a road trip, it’s vital that you secure your home before you leave it uninhabited for days or weeks at a time—especially during a season where burglaries and break-ins reach their peak.

This is where a solution like SAGE by Hughes comes in handy. No matter how often you’re away this summer, SAGE offers many options to monitor and protect your home and family. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or working in the office, SAGE enables you to monitor your baby, check in on your kids, capture video evidence of a home intruder, and more.

If you are going to be away a lot this summer, one of your best bets is the SAGE Security Kit. In addition to the SAGE Hub, the kit includes the following products:

  • Doorbell Sensor – Lets you know when someone’s at your door and get instant notifications and live video on your TV or mobile device
  • Door/Window Sensor – You can use this to get alerted any time the sensor is triggered, whether on the garage door, bedroom window, or wine cabinet
  • Motion Sensor – Notifies you when motion is detected in your home
  • Indoor Camera – Allows you to view your home 24/7 with crisp image quality

The Security Kit becomes an even stronger solution when pairing it with SAGE’s Premium Service package, which offers cloud video storage, playback and download. The unique MyLocal911™ feature is also included in the Premium Service, allowing you to dispatch your local authorities during an emergency when you’re far from home.

Altogether, having these capabilities could prove to be invaluable for you and your family during the summer months. That’s why making SAGE a part of your home can go a long way in giving you peace of mind to help make your summer as worry-free as can be.

By Jeannie F.


Peace of Mind with SAGE’s Video Cameras

Helping you find the best location to install your video cameras

Today, video cameras have become commonplace in our daily lives. But what some people may not realize is that cameras can help us monitor our greatest investment and what we treasure most—our home. Thanks to the popularity of mobile devices, we’re now able to see what’s going on, whether we’re home or away.

Although the high cost and complexities of cameras have made them a non-starter for most people, these and other barriers have changed in the last few years. Video cameras are now much cheaper, smaller, aesthetically appealing, efficient, higher-quality and mobile-accessible.

But why would you want video cameras in your home?

It’s simple: peace of mind.

Today, home security video cameras play a huge role in self-monitored security. The SAGE by Hughes solution provides indoor and outdoor camera options in managing your security needs. All SAGE cameras have motion detection that can trigger alerts to your TV screen and/or mobile device when movement is detected. This feature can easily be turned off while at home and enabled when you’re away so that you can know what is happening at your home.

How and where should I install my cameras?

SAGE was designed as an easy-to-install DIY solution. You can check out videos on how to install the SAGE Outdoor Camera and SAGE Indoor Camera on our YouTube page.

While knowing how to install the cameras is important, understanding the best location to install them is just as critical in getting the most out of them. Camera placement largely depends on the layout of your home and general needs. Typical locations might include:

Outdoor Camera:

  • Front door/yard
  • Driveway
  • Back door/yard
  • Side entrances
  • Key accessible areas (e.g., windows)

Indoor Camera:

  • Front-door area
  • Rear-door area
  • Garage entry area
  • Baby/kids room or play area
  • Other key points of entry

Keep these important tips and considerations in mind when deciding on a location:

  • Field of View – Find a location that captures the greatest view of the desired area. For example, if possible, position an outside front-door camera to view multiple areas: the front door, the walkway leading to the front door, and the driveway.
  • Lighting – Lighting is critical for optimal results for any video camera. When possible, ensure that the area is well-lit, but avoid facing the camera toward a bright light source. This can cause the camera’s automatic video adjustments to improperly compensate for lighting conditions and make images appear dark and as silhouettes.
  • Activity – Cameras have motion sensors built in that can trigger them to record video or send you notifications. Avoid positioning cameras in view of high-movement areas that may cause false alerts. Examples include traffic on a nearby street or a tree that may constantly move back and forth on a windy day.
  • Indoor Camera Placement – Indoor cameras can easily be moved from location to location as needed, but choose a place where the camera will not be accidently obstructed or knocked over. Indoor cameras can also be placed at a window to view an outdoor area. This is helpful when installation of an outdoor camera may be difficult or if the need is temporary.
  • Outdoor Camera Placement – Outdoor cameras are typically mounted and more permanent in their installation. Experiment with the positioning by holding the camera in the desired position and viewing it on the SAGE app to verify that it meets your needs before drilling holes and mounting it outside.

Now that you’re prepared on the basics of installing your camera, you can enjoy the self-monitored power of SAGE. If you get an alert on your phone and recognize that someone’s breaking into your home, you can call your home address’s local authorities using the MyLocal911 feature.

Now that’s peace of mind!

You can learn more about SAGE at SAGEbyHughes.com.

By Jan J.

The New Home Security Paradigm

In the wireless age that we live in, homeowners have many new and exciting home security and automation options. Lucky for us, today’s technology emphasizes mobile access and convenience, which empowers busy, on-the-go people to manage their home from anywhere.

Imagine this: You’re settling down with a nice warm cup of coffee at the office. Productivity is flowing. Then the phone rings—it’s your security company. Your alarm is going off at the house—“Would you like us to contact the police?”

Ugh, not again!

Traditional home security solutions are more prone to trigger false alarms from pets, gusty winds, and other benign events. Without visibility into the situation, homeowners can’t make an informed decision as to whether there’s a real threat or it’s just a false alarm.

What’s key in resolving this situation is adding security cameras to your home so that you can see live video and determine if someone’s in your house or if Max just managed to get out. Wi-Fi and DIY solutions like SAGE provide flexible, scalable options for homeowners to start small and adjust according to their needs and preferences.

That brings us to the old way of doing security:

The Old Home Security Paradigm

  • Professionally installed system throughout the home
  • Motion-based monitoring by a third-party company
  • One-size-fits-all alerts
  • Alerts trigger calls to the homeowner, then the police department if the homeowner is unavailable.
  • False alarms with police dispatch may result in a ticket or warning to homeowners.

And the new way, with solutions like SAGE:

The New Paradigm for Homeowners

  • Self-installation security with motion sensors and cameras
  • Choose which areas of the home to monitor, and expand as preferred
  • Customize alerts and notifications
  • View current and historical home activity
  • Contact local authorities from anywhere* in the event of an emergency

Under the new paradigm, home security options provide flexibility and control based on your needs. They also improve productivity, peace of mind, and family assurance that at home, everything is exactly as it should be.

Managing home and family life is complicated enough. Home security and automation should not be.

Enter the new paradigm. Learn more at SAGEbyHughes.com.

*MyLocal911 is an additional SAGE Premium Service feature.

By Jeannie J.

SAGE Helps You Save Where It Counts

Smart home technology is starting to take over the world. If you’re a homeowner, this technology isn’t just cool—it can provide you with real benefits and savings.

According to Parks Associates energy research from February 2015, nearly 85% of U.S. broadband households took some action to reduce their costs or energy usage in the past 12 months. With electricity rates increasing and the trend toward going green, people are becoming more conscious about the amount of energy they use.

The good news is that smart home technology is here to help!

If you accidentally left the lights on before you left for work, it’s no problem because you can pull up an app to turn them off with the tap of a button. Or maybe you decided to take a weekend trip but didn’t remember to turn down your thermostat before you left. It’s no big deal because you can just hop on your mobile device and adjust the thermostat instantly.

Managing your home’s energy consumption when you’re away from home can go a long way in reducing your energy bill and your home’s carbon footprint. Some people may feel that smart home technology is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Solutions like SAGE by Hughes make it easy for customers to get started.

SAGE by Hughes is a fully integrated security and home automation system that doesn’t control just one or two devices, but is comprised of a hub and smart devices that seamlessly work together to create a home ecosystem, which can be controlled from the TV or a mobile device. SAGE was designed to be secure, easy, flexible and with affordability in mind.

SAGE has designed three kits―Starter, Security and Automation―to best fit the needs of its customers. For new users, the Starter Kit includes the SAGE Hub, a motion sensor and a door/window sensor, giving the less-than-tech-savvy customer the smart home experience with just a few devices.

Customers always have the option to add to their existing system with more devices to suit their particular wants and needs. And with DIY installation and no required service commitments, customers can change their setup at any time and on their terms.

So if you’re looking to cut down those monthly utility bills, look into SAGE. Even a small monthly savings adds up over time.

You can learn more about SAGE at SAGEbyHughes.com.

By Jessica O.

SAGE Puts You in Control

As you get older, life gets busier with things like jobs, kids and hobbies. That’s why it’s nice to simplify things wherever you can.

One easy way to do that is by incorporating smart home technology into your lifestyle. With a product like SAGE by Hughes, you get a secure, affordable and flexible security and home automation solution that’s easy to install and use. And if you’re a DIYer, SAGE has your name written all over it.

We all know that a household often revolves around the TV. According to Nielsen’s 2015 Total Audience Report, millennials spent almost four hours a day using a TV. Knowing that TV continues to be the center of the home, we designed SAGE to be integrated with the TV experience.

With SAGE, it all starts with the Hub, which serves as your smart home control center. All you have to do is connect it from any video source to your TV using a standard HDMI cable. Once connected, selecting the Home button on the remote displays the SAGE home screen while your show continues to play in a window on the upper right. There’s no need to change inputs or to switch between SAGE and your show.

From there, it’s easy to install all your SAGE smart home devices with simple on-screen instructions and videos that walk you through the entire process. Once everything’s up and running, you can manage your thermostat, turn on lights, monitor cameras, and customize your system—all from the comfort of your couch.

With SAGE’s custom rules feature, you can automate everyday activities with a single rule. Picture being able to check in on your kids from the office and turn your lights on when you’re heading home for the day, or have your coffeemaker and thermostat to heat up as you begin your day. That’s just scratching the surface because you can come up with all kinds of rules to fit your routines.

Mobile access is a must these days, and it’s no different with SAGE. The free SAGE by Hughes app for iOS™ and Android™ gives you easy access and control of your home from your smartphone or tablet. This offers great peace of mind in seeing that your kids are OK or that the package you’d been expecting actually got delivered.

Whatever your situation is, there’s a lot of value in simplifying your life by turning your home into a smart home. If you think it might be for you, check out SAGEbyHughes.com.

By Jessica O.